Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1st class

Today we reviewed the alternate B fingering and slurs. We played songs from the previous lessons in the key of G using both fingerings for the B note. The fingers are starting to fall in place without as much thought. We discussed the common experience of playing so well at home and then not being able to do the same when playing with others in class. My advice is to just enjoy your practicing and the rest will come in time. Remember that speed is not the goal. Take time to play pieces that you enjoy and that you play well and then spend time practicing new songs and skills. Then reward yourself with a favorite melody. It will help to play along with the recordings of the songs. You'll be amazed what a difference a little practice each day will make.

Songs to practice: (see previous post for song sheets)
Silent, Silent
Silent, Silent - part 2
Ode to Joy - melody
p. 8 The Peasant and the Bear - Part 1 Part 2
p. 9 Old German Lullaby - part 1 part 2
Hot Cross Buns
Little Things
Bransle de Champaigne No. 9
A Paris
Little Dance (this is the one with no name)
Fais Do Do
Lightly Row